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van der Voort, Jacob Adriaensz (P2177)
In 1782 on may 5 married in Schiedam Bernard Ludovicus Roggekamp with Anna van den Oever. She was the daugther of Adrianus van den Oever en Maria Elisabeth van Deursen. She was born on januari 4, 1759. I think Hubertus van den Oever was her brother. He was witness with his mother at a baptist of one child of the Roggekamp-family in 1786 in Schiedam.
Hubert was baptist on november 23, 1762 in Schiedam as Huijbregt van den Oever. 
Van Den Oever, Hubertus (P350)
Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia
Count of Brunswick
Brun II
Egbert I, Margrave of Meissen
Matilda of Frisia
Ida of Elsdorf
Noble family Brunonen
Father Bruno I, Count of Brunswick
Mother Gisela of Swabia
Born c. 1003
Died 23 April 1038 (aged 34–35)
Wikimedia Commons has media related to Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia.

Liudolf of Brunswick (c. 1003 – 23 April 1038) was Margrave of Frisia, Count of Brunswick, Count in the Derlingau and the Gudingau. He was a member of the Brunonen family.

Liudolf was a descendant of the Saxon family of the Brunonen. He was a son of Bruno I, Count of Brunswick, and Gisela of Swabia. The later Roman Emperor Henry III was his half-brother. He married Gertrude of Egisheim and had four children. He controlled the Frisian counties Oostergo, Zuidergo and Westergo. For two more generations the Brunonen family line inherited the title. How the Brunonen came to their position in the counties is not known. There is a theory that Liudolf took advantage of the reign of violence by the Counts of Holland in the part of Friesland between the Vlie and the Lauwers. Not much is known about his life. He died in 1038 and was succeeded by his son, Bruno II. His daughter Matilda married Henry I of France, the widower of her aunt. One popular theory of the origins of Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile makes her another daughter.

Liudolf and Gertrude had the following children:

Brun II (around 1024 – 26 June 1057)
Egbert I, Margrave of Meissen (died 1068)
Matilda of Frisia (died 1044); married King Henry I of France
Ida of Elsdorf


H. Halbertsma Frieslands oudheid, Het rijk van de Friese koningen, opkomst en ondergang (Frieslands antiquity, Realm of the Frisian kings, rise and fall) (Utrecht 2000)
Die familiären Verbindungen der Brunonen
Liudolf Graf von Braunschweig
Braunschweigisches Biographisches Lexikon, Appelhans 2006, ISBN 3-937664-46-7 
of Friesland, Ludolph (P3427)
Paulus Jans Zeeldraijer 't Hooft, otr. te Oosterhout [nb] op 2 dec 1634, kerk.huw. te Oosterhout [nb] op 12 dec 1634. 
't Hooft, Paulus Jansen (P1372)
Pieter Bilsen
Birth: 1797 - Gilze en Rijen, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Parents: Gerardus Bilsen, Anna Bilsen (born van Gestel)
Wife: Johanna Bilsen (born Jonkers)
Son: Petrus Cornelis Bilsen
Brother: Matthijs van Bilsen 
Bilsen, Pieter (P702)
10 6/18/1930 lived at Gordonstraat 14a, Schiedam
Van Der Knaap, Johanna Josephina Adriana "Ans" (P19)
11 1993-2002 White Pages. Little Rock, AR, USA: Acxiom Corporation. Source (S300431537)
12 Birth Index. The Register of Deeds Office, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. accessed 3 April 2012. Source (S300431527)
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Source (S300431876)
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Source (S300431825)
15 Abbaye Saint-German-Des-Prés, Paris, Seine, France Clotaire (P3342)
16 According to 1910 Census they were married for 12 years in 1910. Family F307
17 Aethelbert I Von Sachsen- BillungAethelbert of SaxonyCount of Saxony
of Saxony, Aethelberht (P3329)
18 After her husband died she had two more children out of wedlock
When she died she had a little store at the "Lange Achterweg" 
Bubberman, Sophia Barendina (P337)
19 aka "Antonius" Mermans, Adrianus (P216)
20 aka Peeter Janssen Meermans Meermans, Petrus (Peeter) Jansen (P1136)
21 also could be

Innocenza Chiappetta
Birth1807 Rende, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy

Spouse Giovanni Bruno (1805-)

· Giuseppe (1830-)
· Anna (1834-)
· Aquila (1837-)
· Filomena (1849-)

Guarino, Giuseppa Maria (P598)
22 Also Known As Bruno Von Brunswick
Count Of Brunswick; Marquis Of Westfriesland 
Graf von Braunschweig, Derlingau und Nordthüringgau Brun von Braunschweig I. (P3431)
23 Also Known As Duke Richimer Franconia of Burgundians De Bourgogne of Burgundians, Duke Richomer (P3344)
24 Also Known As Gonthier of Orléans
King of Alemannia 
of Alemannia, King Gonthier (P3320)
25 Also Known As Graaf van Loon van Loon, Arnold II Count (P3281)
26 Also Known As Heinrich I "The Fowler " King of the Germans
Descendent of Charlemagne
Duke of Saxony From 30 November 912 to 2 July 936
King of Germany (formally King of East France) From 24 May 919 to 2 July 936
König Heinrich I von Sachsen König von Sachsen (P3447)
27 Also Known As Queen Berthetrude of the FranksQueen of Burgundy
Also Known As Hadeltrude de Soissons 
Haldetrude Queen of Neustria & Burgundy (P3341)
28 Also Known As Sigurd Dragon Eye Sigurd "snake eye" King of Denmark Ragnarsson
Alternate Name • Also Known As Sigurd "Hjort" Helgisson King of Ringerike
King of Ringerike 
Helgisson, Sigurd Hjort (P3306)
29 Also Known As Theoderich Von Asseburg
King of The Saxons from 691-740
van Saksen, King Theoderich (P3315)
30 Also known as Jan Laurijs Meermans
woont op den Heikant
Meermans, Joannes Joannes (P1158)
31 Also known as Pieternel Jacobsdochter van der Voort
van der VOORT, Petronella (P2165)
32 Also: {reyniers Reijnauds} Reijniers, Merten (P1893)
33 Alternative born 1540 Rijswijk, ZH, Netherlandsdeath 1616 van der Voort, Jacob Adriaensz (P2177)
34 Aripert I Viscount of the Lombards
HH, Hereditary Duke Aripert of Lower Bavaria, elected 9th King of the Lombards (r.653-61) 
Lomellini, Aripert I (P3351)
35 Begraven rk Teteringen 1769-1814 175 Bron: Doop-, Trouw- en Begraafregisters (DTB)Soort registratie: begraafakteInventarisnummer: 1Blad: 175Datum: 02-04-1777Plaats: Teteringen Maria Graafmans overleden op 02-04-1777, Vrouw van Joannes van Hooijdonk Graumans, Maria (P2975)
36 behanger te Breda Kools, Joannes (P2978)
37 Beroep: Hovenier (Gardner) van der Knaap, Willem Jacobsz (P2156)
38 Beroep: Kraambewaarster
van Kesteren, Barbara (P57)
39 Bet 25 Jan 1676 And 10 Oct 1676 van Tilborgh, Jenneke Ariaens Peeters (P1454)
40 Birth Name Count of Northeim Henry Le Gros De Northeim Northeim, Heinrich Von (P3421)
41 Born in Santa Maria, province of Caserta near Naples Italy Santilli, Assunta (P530)
42 Bron: Doop-, Trouw- en Begraafregisters (DTB)Soort registratie: trouwakte(Akte)datum: 08-11-1767Plaats: Breda Bijzonderheden: Getuigen bij huwelijk zijn niet vermeld. Datum ondertrouw: 24-10-1767 Jan Cools en Maria Verhoeven Family F783
43 BronvermeldingHuwelijksregister Breda 1880, archiefnummer 50, inventarisnummer 1240, aktenummer 55Gemeente: BredaPeriode: 1880 Bruijns, Johannes (P89)
44 Bruidegom Willem Jansen Meermans Geboorteplaats Oosterhout Opmerkingen jongeman Bruid Jenneken Peters Jans Woonplaats Breda Plaats huwelijk Oosterhout Datum ondertrouw 14-04-1663 Religie Nederduits Gereformeerd Bron Nederduits Gereformeerd trouw Family F305
45 Candidaat Notaris
Jennifer found this name 0n 04-08-03 
Mermans, Adrianus Johannes Petrus (P222)
46 Catharina Elisabeth Meulman, geboren op woensdag 16 september 1840 in Schiedam. Catharina is overleden.Beroep:

She was a winkelierster in Schiedam

Meulman, Catharina Elisabeth (P44)
47 Coenraad van der Knaap, geboren in 1816. Coenraad is overleden op zaterdag 17 september 1864 in Schiedam, 47 of 48 jaar oud.

He was a Vleeschhouwer in Schiedam

van der Knaap, Coenraad (P56)
48 Colonist, died at 52 years old Paulus, Johannes Gerardus (P747)
49 Count Metz IV, Folmar (P3280)
50 Count of Saxony of Wenden, King Billung (P3327)

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